08 January 2013

Playback gets no payback!

I'm dead!!

I almost choked when I heard this news.

I didn't realize a movie could do so poorly.

And I didn't realize Christian Slater could still be hired for an acting gig.

He was in some movie called "Playback" in 2012.  It only made 252 dollars opening night and $12 the following weekend.  Then it was shut down.

It's total gross was $264.

When I first saw an article about this, I assumed they meant millions.  But, no.  That is the total amount.  No millions, no thousands, not even one thousand!



  1. Wow! I never heard of one doing that bad! I must tell hubby this as his show makes more on a Sat than this did by a few times. Cool. I never did care for him, only saw one movie wtih Slater that I liked and it was because I was young and liked very sappy movies..Can't recall the name, but he had a baboon heart..Yeah, high drama.....

    1. It is truly impressively awful!

      Congrats to your hubby for making more money that Christian Slater!!

  2. Geez....that must have been one terrible movie!

    1. Almost makes me want to see it to see if it is really that bad.



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