24 June 2008

I am not going to make it

Super tired. Working at new school. Supposed to be writing curriculum and working on lessons.

I am too tired to focus. The storm that has developed outside is not helping. Rain makes me tired. Storms make me just about collapse into a stupor. It is super dark outside.

All I keep thinking about is what I would rather be doing.
  1. I want to get some good food. Something "ethnic".
  2. I need to make an appointment with the electric company to fix some things in the house.
  3. I would rather look at the silly toilets on this site. But if I look at them I might start to laugh in my groggy state and then these new people will know (too soon) that I am goofy. I have to keep up the uber-professionalism for a bit longer.
  4. Which means that I can't spend too much time on this sites' images either.
  5. I would really like to watch some more clips of George Carlin, but that would be really inappropriate. This one is his take on religion that I found on the Religious Freaks website. This was already on my computer, other sites to see him are probably blocked by the school server.
  6. I can try out this survey and see if by answering questions a little bit differently I could take on more five year olds.
  7. Or I could read more about McCain on Aunt Jemima's Revenge site. But reading about his anger issues and how people still want to vote for him will only make me really angry. Which is not a state I want to be in right now.
I guess I should get back to writing lessons on the major religions and the Renaissance and Reformation until I have to meet with the other group I'm supposed to meet with today to discuss some slightly more interesting categories I will finally get to teach dealing with American history -- modern day issues such as the fight for equality and the fight for control of the economy.

But I don't want to right now. So instead I will check my email (for the 50th time) and continue to find random sites that aren't blocked on the school's server.

And I will occasionally have to make sure to stand up, or drink water, or at least use my two first fingers to lean against my upper eyelid to make sure that my eyes do not close more than the level they already are. I'm sure the people in the room must think I'm either super high or that I am giving them some kind of bedroom eyes.


  1. First off I would just like to thank you for your comment. I, just like you, have gotten lucky enough to have a teacher who truely taught me the reality of this world. And I admire you for teaching as well, for you should know that what you're doing really does impact your students. I became a very different person ever since I knew of all this injustice. It's horrible now, because the teacher who opened my eyes is on the verge of getting fired. But I know that I'll always remember what I learned during the first semester of high school, and that your students will continue to remember you as well, long after they leave.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done with "Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?" Your blog has been reviewed and added to Blogging Women. I'm pleased to add another quality women's blog to the Blogging Women directory. Thank you and continued success!

  3. AMAZING what pops up with randomly written words in a google search....but i'm here for a reason.....i'm tired at work...i'm tired with my life (not in an extreme way)....i thought by 30 i would be well on my way with some great life....well...i just feel older....no more accomplished than my twenties....i know boo who...btw...whoever wrote the article....keep your head up...teaching is an honorable profession...i still remember my second grade teacher introducing us to great novels...which has stuck with me unitl this very day......i think Life Should Be More Than THis.....this cant be my great life plan


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