08 June 2008

Yes, there is another leakage, and yes, I will go off

I moved down two floors in this apartment complex after the top floor place I was in started leaking from the ceiling/windows. This new place is nice -- a bit bigger in the living area, brighter, more windows, a nice entry-way hallway. On Sunday last week I started to hear a dripping sound in the entry hallway next to the kitchen and there was a small water mark in the ceiling in the hallway.

The dripping was coming from in the ceiling. I figured someone up on the floor above me must have left the sink on, or that the toilet was leaking. I called maintenance on Monday. Tuesday it was still dripping, incessantly. Fortunately the bedroom in this layout is far from the kitchen area, so I could still sleep. Wednesday I called the office again to let them know it was still going on. The puddle in the ceiling was growing bigger -- nothing dripping on to my floor, just a growing water mark. Thursday morning I saw some maintenance people going up to that floor and figured they must be finally fixing the leak.

No such luck.

Friday I noticed that the puddle in my ceiling was getting even larger and starting to go down the side of the wall. I went to talk with the people in person in the office that day. When I told home-girl the issue, she said, "Isn't that what made you move before?" Yes, my child. And, therefore, I am really not trying to deal with this issue again. Also told them that I would not be renewing my lease.

Yesterday I noticed that there was not only some mold/mildew developing on the ceiling, but also a small circle area where the ceiling was puckering in such a way that it seemed as if it might burst and start to drip onto my floor. Office was already closed since it was Saturday. Last night the dripping sound became louder. Still no drip.

Around 4:15 this morning I was awakened by even louder dripping. This time onto the carpet.

Had to get up and put a pot on the ground to catch the water. Of course, then, I could not really go back to sleep -- dripping too loud, me too angry to calm down enough to sleep.

Today, the office opens at noon. I will, again, go down there. This time, it won't be pretty. They will face the wrath of a woman who has not slept well, of a woman who is dealing with an issue that should have been resolved on Monday when I first called you and if not then, then on Thursday when those mo-fos came in to do some work on the floor above me.

I will bring one of those heifers back to the apartment to see the actual damage. I will let them view the five-foot water mark in the ceiling, the three-foot water mark on the wall, the three six-inch water marks close to the floor board, the now three-inch puckering which is incessantly dripping into my pot (another one that I will not want to use again -- there goes that whole set since I already used the other two upstairs to catch water there).

Fortunately, the lease is up in two months. Unfortunately for them, I will not pay the rest of the money since they have now twice inconvenienced me, my living area, and my sleep.

You can't mess with my sleep. You can't mess with my living area. I will get angry, bitter, and will come at you like nobody's business.

They are lucky that I don't have a lot of money, because if I did, I would surely rent a plane and let all the maintenance crew, the complex managers, and the owners do one of these moves.

Since I am not rich, the gas face will have to suffice.

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