13 August 2008

Going steady with Hitler - Semi-wordless Wednesday

Today's picture is some random old propaganda poster from the War. I saw this back in college and was reminded of it when I looked at someone else's blog a few weeks back (I apologize that I cannot remember who included it - my bad.)

I have been super busy and, when not busy I have been super tired. I will try and post what's been going on with me later today or tomorrow. Though today will be the better option since school starts up tomorrow. We'll see if I get everything done this evening and don't pass out super early.


  1. too busy to stop by and read your folk - im hurt

  2. Hi Stuck,

    The funny thing about the Hitler movement was they had a genetic superiority program where they had hundreds of single, attractive Aryan German women breed with selected Aryan men to make perfect Aryan babies.

    It was in a newspaper article I read several years ago and quite interesting, and included one of those now adult children. Wish I could give you more info but you'd probably find it if you google for it.

    ~ Kit

  3. I'll come through again -- Torrance

    I have read that stuff KIT -- crazy, but not as crazy as the way people in the US used different techniques to keep various brown people from having children during different times in history including sterilization.


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