05 August 2008

Summer time and the living's easy

Today is cooler by one degree than yesterday. The heat index is at 105 right now. Though it feels even hotter than what the weather people say it feels like. I had no other clean clothes than my jeans today. I had to walk around down on Grand to the SLU building to try and get fingerprinted for new job.

Wow!! It was just about a 200m walk from the car to the door, but it felt like I was walking a marathon; like the door was getting further and further from me.

It was one of those times when you seriously have to think about how you are walking -- you have to walk fast enough so that you can get into an AC-ed facility as quick as possible, but not so fast that you start to sweat more than you already are. I found the medium. There were two shade trees on the street (I hate when city people plant trees in sidewalks because soon enough the tree grows and the sidewalk cannot grow with it. You see massive cracks and the sidewalk buckling to give room for the roots. I like greenery, but not in sidewalks, close to people's homes/buildings, or when people let their branches grow into power lines -- stupid). I tried to walk even slower when I got under the shade of the tree since it felt about 30 degrees cooler under there. Unfortunately the shade was only about 15m in length. I was talking on the phone while walking and upon entering the building and hanging up to avoid the weirdo-on-the-phone-inside-while-trying-to-get-service stares I realized that the creepy-crawly feeling I had on my crelbow (yes, crelbow ala Joey from Blossom) was actually the dripping of sweat. It was so gross. So icky. So hot.

Got in the building and found out I had to make an appointment first, so the whole trip was pointless.

I went to the pool and jumped in a few times. Swam a bit. Tried to fix up this tan for a few moments, but the sun was too much so went back in the pool. When I came out again, the shade was better so I sat and dried myself off sans towel.

The next hot, icky moment was when I looked over my body while sitting there. I realized that I was literally oozing some sweat from every pore. Every pore. I guess technically there are pores everywhere on your body, but you don't typically see them or realize their existence.

I saw them everywhere -- my chest, my upper thigh, my shoulders, my neck, my knees -- all tiny pores with little droplets of sweat trying unsuccessfully to cool my skin.

Now I'm back home. I have already been fairly productive today for about 4 hours. And I still have a lot of stuff to do. I will try not to have a nap today. Kind of cool thing is that once school starts, at this time I will already be out of school. We get out an hour before my previous employer, and only start about 40 minutes earlier. Not bad. I can still have a life after school. Even when sports start I will be home way earlier. I will rarely get home when it is dark in the winter time. I will be able to watch Oprah (if I for some reason desire to see her interrupt people during interviews). So exciting.

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