08 August 2008

A new kind of diet

There are some really weird people out in the world.

This is an email Kid Sis #2 sent out to us siblings about her experience as a medical student doing rounds with a doctor:
Today in clinic this guy came in with a several pound weight gain from six months ago. He said that he had stopped drinking soda, and started drinking chocolate milk in order to eliminate caffeine and increase his calcium.

He drinks half a gallon of chocolate milk a day. Every day.


Half a gallon is 8 cups.

There are 220 calories per cup.

That is over 1600 calories a day.

Of milk.

I eat about 1600 calories of food a day.

The doctor was shocked and appalled. It got worse when the patient told us he hasn't had a shower in 10 years (he uses alcohol to clean himself) and he hasn't brushed his teeth in six months (he uses some type of water pick to spray his mouth). The doc said he had heard enough, and seriously walked out of the room after the tooth brushing info. Literally. And didn't come back. I was dying. These are the things that make a 12 hour day less painful.

By the way, he takes 112% of his daily allowance of fat in that milk.

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