28 September 2012

I became a cab driver

Last night I rode in an NYC cab for the first time.  I was going from mid-town around 96th Street up to Harlem around 135th Street.  Around where the Apollo is located, around some really fancy, well-known restaurants.

I erased all of my visions of Taxicab Confessions from HBO and was ready to roll with it.

Unfortunately, the cab driver did not know how to get to where I was trying to go to.

I had to look up directions on Google Maps and be a real backseat-driver for him.

It was pretty ridiculous.  His excuse was that he doesn't usually go uptown.

I kept thinking that he should really get around more.

Then I remembered an episode of Sex and the City (I know, I am all about HBO today) when the ladies were talking about how they don't leave their neighborhood and some of them had never been outside of their borough.

Then I figured it must really be true that some people in this city don't venture out of their little area even though transportation is so readily available, and the city is really not that big when you think about it that way.

BF works with someone who travels from PA every day to work. I have heard of people who do Connecticut, as well.  Even Long Island is a journey.

Yet there, are people who don't leave their few blocks.



  1. That's interesting. Kind of like a collection of small towns, I guess?

    1. It really is. One giant city broken up into pieces that most people don't travel into/out of.

  2. If your job is driving around the city, you should have a working knowledge of it!

    1. You would think so. Especially the major areas.

      And if you don't know, have your phone/GPS ready to help you rather than using the backseat driver technique - especially since that person may be from out of town or not know the area either.


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