06 September 2012

Iron teacher-chef

I somehow forgot to write about my time at the school retreat last week.

Awesome group of people who seem to truly care about the students.  They also worked at team building with the staff members.

One of the activities we did was so freaking awesome, that I had to take pictures and send them to people, and now share with you.

We did an Iron Chef competition in the PROFESSIONAL kitchen of the hotel where we stayed.

So awesome!!

We first were prepped with information of how it would work, then we had to scrub down doctor-style all the way up to the elbows.

We received chef's hats and shirts (just like on tv, though I didn't have the opportunity to write my name onto it since I didn't want to make my hands unsanitary).

We were then divided into three groups and taken to the AMAZING kitchen.

There was a large table full of proteins (shrimp, sausage, beef, pork, chicken, mussels), and another table with various fruits, veggies, side dishes, etc.  Another table had a ton of seasoning items, and there was also a 3" bin of each salt, sugar, and pepper.

My group chose me as the team leader and we started trying to decide what to make.  We decided on a shrimp appetizer of coconut shrimp (I made) and sweet and sour teriyaki shrimp.  Our main dish was a linguine with wine sauce of mussels.

We had to have a plate for the three judges and also make enough for the thirty+ teachers.

What we made was going to be dinner for the night, so it had to be good.

Here are images of my teams final dishes:

The judges didn't pick our dishes as the winner, but they did say nice things about our food.

So much fun!!

I hope to be able to work in a real kitchen again some day.  So much easier than in a home kitchen - everything you could need is right there.  Didn't hurt to have pro chefs there to help out with quick questions and to gather supplies we needed from the back rooms either.  Also didn't hurt that we didn't have to wash any of the numerous dishes we messed.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I'm glad things are working out for you!!!

    1. You should totally see about doing this with the work ladies! WIsh I could join you all - say hi to everyone for me.

      You could do it at someones house and just bring a bunch of ingredients... or try and get in at a restaurant or hotel.

  2. That sounds AWESOME! Your food looked delicious! I wish I could have been a judge..ha ha.. My stepson graduated from the CIA and is a chef in Denver CO. When I got to visit him I got a tour of the kitchen and got to see the "action". Oh my. Eric is an amazing chef, and a task master but it runs like a well oiled machine. When my brother got to CO on business I sent him over and he got the treatment and still talks about it. I love when he comes home (not often, pooh!) and cooks for me.. That is the life!

    1. Thanks! I would love to have a chef in the family!

  3. Those dishes look so good and what a fun thing to do!


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