17 September 2012

I will not play ping pong

As I wander the streets of NY I see some really cool things.  Sometimes I remember to take my camera out and take a pic.

I loved the intensity of table tennis as I watched the Olympics this summer.  There were some mean-mugs to opponents that could kill!!

I saw this place and decided that when I finally get paid, I might go in and beef up my non-existant ping-pong skills.

I will own one of the rackets that cost upward of $400.  I will be able to stand 10" from the table and play my opponent.  My matches and sets will be so intense that I will have to invest in the prescription strength deodorant and will need to buy some sweat-wicking clothing.  I will be able to give people the evil eye as they are about to serve me the little ball.

I won't play ping-pong.

I will play table tennis.


  1. Sounds like a workout! Wonder how one might train (other than practicing)

    1. No idea, but they look really intense and really sweaty during their matches. Perhaps running or jumping rope.

  2. I think I would rather eat, drink and watch you ;-)

    1. LOL!!! I'll have to make sure you don't come to the first months of training - unless you are looking for a good laugh as I learn to play.


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