23 July 2008

Art of Dave Nitsche

Before I jump into the regular post, let me tell you a little bit about the strangest dream experience I have ever had. Lots of craziness which I won't go into leading up to me being at my new job where my first principal was also there. It really sucked and I kept trying to find all the cool people I worked along side from the last job. Finally found one person who I started crying to. Then I actually, really woke up with a ton of tears streaming down my face. Strange, weird, and scary way to wake up. Plus I hate the way my nose gets stuffy when I cry and it sucked to wake up to that feeling of not being able to breathe out of my nose.

On to Wordless Wednesday.

Beautiful, (at times) shocking, crisp.


By Dave Nitsche click image for a larger view.


  1. I like your Wordless Wednesdays. Dave's photos are awesome. That one sad happy face among the others really clever.

  2. Interesting stuff. I also liked the sad happy face. Love the crisp lines. Something about this artist's work feels pleasantly retro to me, in an '80s sort of way.


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