24 July 2008

They're BAAAAaaaack

As I prepare for day two of the USATF National Championships (which went really well for us day one with us garnering a national championship in the 4x8 young women's division), I leave you with these thoughts:

1. The ride to Omaha was quite pretty, though the two hours from KC to here were the longest, straightest most full of corn I have experienced. Seriously, I only saw one other crop growing in all the fields that we past. I guess they are really trying to push the ethanol.

2. The track facility here at Burke High School is amazing. Nebraska really knows how to support athletics. I only have one complaint. Birds. For those of you who don't know about my disdain for the flying fowl, please read this post: fear of birds.

The ones here are really getting to me. When I am sitting on the West side of the track by the finish line, which is the preferred side, they are constantly flying overhead. They don't seem to care that we are all sitting there. They don't even seem to have any regard for our need to release all the fluids we intake in order to stay hydrated.


So I am forced to either not drink fluids, or to try and hold it all until we leave the meet for the hotel or for somewhere to eat or to get a diaper like that old NASA heifer. Though I am able to pry my eyes off the sky for our athletes, when we don't have an athlete on the track, I am constantly looking out for falling poop instead of watching all the races.

3. Deuces. Off to watch the prelims of the 200m dash.

Oh, and thanks to Christine for this link to the possible identity of the artist from yesterday's post of Bansky's art from Time Magazine: Bansky: an Artist Unmasked.


  1. You could see it if you were at the track with birds swarming overhead. They literally have nests built up in the bathrooms.

    I think one of them attacked a woman today. She was holed up outside of the bathroom door with the paramedics wrapping up her arm with bandages and trying to calm her down.

    I didn't stick around to find out since I was not trying to get pecked, or have any drive/fly by shit on the nice new jacket I had to buy since it was freezing this morning.


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