14 July 2008

Who taught you to hate yourself?

Still on my color kick today.

This is decades old, yet still resonates. Especially with a lot of the drama going on in the media with comments/covers made about the Democratic presidential candidate.


  1. a powerful message after all these years... the things that Malcolm X espoused in the early 1960's is still relavent 40 years later! WOW!

    i dig the VIBE of this blog... i would like to trade links and add you to the Blog Roll over at plezWorld. thanks.

  2. Yes... I'm glad you stumbled onto my blog, so I could thereby stumble onto yours. Very nice.

    I'm about cliche white girl as they get- so I have little experience with being to taught to hate my ethnicity or culture. However, this video really applies to so much outside the span of race.

  3. The irony of this post, is that there are alot of black people who believe that we've made strides as a people since the civil rights movement. Let them tell it, many of our black leaders are irrelevant. I wonder if this message would be "heard" today if Malcolm X were alive?

    Many of us fail to accept the fact that there are many psycological scars from 400yrs of white supremacy. Thanks for posting this old, and irrelevant video. Hopefully, somebody gets the message.

  4. never hated myself
    and agreeing with plez AGAIN lol

  5. Haven't seen this speech in years. Names that come to mind: Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas.

    Malcolm X's speech here reminds me of another one, I think Farrakhan, who was commenting on how we've been mongrelized as a race, and for some, the white in us hates the black in us. When I saw the biracial black right-wing journalist who handed FoxNews the Rev. Wright story, and suck up to Hannity who called him his 'friend' twice.

    I don't think it applies to Obama, but do wonder if he views himself as "raceless". He had such an unusual childhood and as an adult, is ambitious for power to an extreme. I hope he puts it to good use if/when elected; but his support for FISA doesn't bode any of us well.

  6. The FISA support is really something, huh?


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