07 July 2008

It's not just in Kansas anymore, Dorothy

What is really going on with people in this country? Is it really that ridiculous a notion for people not to be racist pricks? Is it really that impossible to raise children who are not blatantly racist in their actions?

I'm not saying that I would prefer a nation full of covert racists (which is what a lot of people are), but this is just plain crazy.

These are teenagers and young adults who are just plain crazy. You can read the full story of these people in Kansas who tied up and taunted an African American student through this link. The incident took place about a year ago, but the case is just winding down now. Here are some excerpts from the story.

In their pleas, Endsley and Clark admitted that by their actions and their words they sought to drive J.L., an African-American juvenile, from the community of Waterville and Blue Rapids, Kan., because of his race...

According to the plea agreement, on May 19, 2007, Endsley and his parents hosted a large high school graduation party at their residence in Waterville, Kan., which is part of the Waterville/Blue Rapids community. Most of the people at the party, including the defendants and the victim, consumed alcohol.
About 2 a.m., the defendants found J.L. asleep on the ground and put him in a lawn chair.
Endsley said that he was going to "tie the n****r up." While the victim was tied, the defendants directed racial slurs at him and urinated on him. They used a can of spray paint to paint the victim's arms and legs white. They told the victim he should "go back home" and go back where he came from before he moved to the Waterville and Blue Rapids area.
I've written about racial injustices and racial hatred before here, here, here, here, here, but it seems that these issues never end and there is no limit to the locations of what I will call the criminals.

Some have tried to defend these boys by saying that the victim was acting drunk and belligerent and that he is lucky he didn't get his ass beat.

Ummm... even if a person is acting an ass, that is not an excuse to dehumanize him, to humiliate him, and to just treat him worse than an animal.

Oh, and think about and recognize the Norfolk 17. If you don't know -- read and learn. Things have changed.



  1. I honestly thought, for years, that racism was nearly over in our country. Sure, I knew people that would still say mildly racists things, but these were people I chalked it up to "habit." People like my mom's brothers who USED to be so much worse. What was left probably wasn't malicious (in their minds).

    Then my company moved it's location to a predominately black neighborhood. The racists came out in DROVES! I was so shocked. I had no idea whatsoever. Now that my eyes were opened, I saw it in more places...from both sides of the table.

    It's so sad, and I don't understand it at all!

  2. It's a shame.

    It also seems to be a way of life now more than ever.

    Like you said, before it "probably wasn't malicious in their minds". I think it may not have been. But now it is very malicious. There is a lot of hate out in society.

    Even without people realizing or admitting it.

    St. Louis is the most racially segregated city around. Even with the "revitalization" of the city, people still desire to move further and further away from people who do not look like them.

    People made t-shirts to sell that are anti-Obama that say stuff about keeping the White House white.


  3. Kansas should fry these people... all of them as a lesson. In todays society we should be way past racial lines. I think this would be a great time to teach our countries youth to understand and accept different cultures and races, and what better way than to plant a little fear in them, or at least to say we don't stand for this and you will not be getting off easy! These kids are young adults and this racist attitude is not acceptable. They should, at this age, understand what is right and what is wrong. What of the parents? They should be punished for allowing such a terrible thing to happen.


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