20 November 2008

Age is a pain in my back

So, my next birthday is a month from yesterday. In case I wasn't already starting to feel age creeping up on me, I now have this incredible back problem.

I cannot even fully describe it. I got back from a fabulous dinner with Christine Monday evening, sat on the couch to talk with my man, and had this slight pain in my lower back. Then in the middle of the night I suddenly could not lay in any manner without crazy, pain in my back. Tried putting a pillow under my side, stomach, back, legs -- nothing eased the pain. I woke up and couldn't bend to even spit the toothpaste adequately into the sink. Throughout the day I had a heat pack which helped a bit, but I still had limited mobility.

Yesterday it seemed to be a bit better. Went to a chiropractor in the afternoon. He realigned my legs and back a bit and gave me some BioFreeze. (Excellent stuff. I had had my athletes use this stuff and they all love it, but had never tried it on myself since prior to this, I never really got sick or had injuries like this.) The BioFreeze wore off and I put some more. Could barely sit on the couch without pain. Went to sleep and the only way I could lay was on my back with my legs bent up and my feet flat on the bed. Not super comfy. Throughout the night I would awaken and in my sleepiness would try and turn to my side or my stomach and would regret it intensely.

Today I have to sit a perfectly with perfect posture in order to not feel the wrath of my back. I am going to take my dad up on some muscle relaxant. But I really am fearing that I have some sort of pinched nerve in there. This is crazy pain. I have a pretty high tolerance, and I am not to the point where I would cry from the pain, but pretty soon, I will cry from the annoyance of this pain. And the annoyance of not being able to move well or sleep well.


  1. Suffering is a bitch. I feel for you.

    Your problem may be too severe but this is worth a try. Pay to go to an indoor pool with a hot tub. Sit with the jet spray directly on your back. If it's not better after three days of doing this, you'll need more help.

    One other thing worked for me. I had moved far from the pool, so on a whim I paid $20 or $30 for at a shopping mall for a full body massage.

    An Asian guy was doing it, and I'm dead certain he was a chiropractor in his home country because he went beyond a simple massage. He knocked out that pain with those professional moves, and it NEVER returned. That was five years ago.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks. I will try the hot tub. Got a mini-massage from the doctor yesterday, but it has not really done much to alleviate the pain. I guess I need to find someone who specializes more in massage so s/he can do it right.


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