03 November 2008

Cypress Hill on my mind - somethings I can't understand

The past few days I have had that old Cypress Hill song, "How I Could Just Kill A Man", stuck in my head. Not that I am trying to kill anyone, but there are several things that, like they say, I can't understand.

Here are somethings perhaps you can help me understand:
  • What kind of a person goes off and just shoots through his door at kids coming to trick or treat? What the hell is wrong with him? And not just shoot, but let out 29 shots at the kids and kill the 12 year old.
  • And why does the man have an assault rifle? An AK-47? I guess it's because people are so apt to fight for their 2nd amendment that they forget that they are protecting the crazies from not being able to have a gun as well. Some of them don't want any type of restrictions on who can own a gun.
  • What kind of telephone screeners does Palin have that they let through a call by some Canadians who said they were French president Nicolas Sarkozy? And how could she not realize that it was a fake call with the person asking questions/comments about the Larry Flint porno with a Palin look a like? People really want her to be second in command?
  • And finally, over the past 3 1/2 weeks, I have watched all four seasons of the ABC show, Lost. I had seen a couple of episodes from the fourth season this spring, and got hooked. I thought by watching the previous seasons I would understand more. I was terribly wrong. I am still in the dark. Honestly, if I hadn't watched the first seasons, I would still know as much about what is going on as I did after having previously seen 4 episodes of the fourth season. That show is wild, confusing... and yet so addictive.
Don't forget to vote tomorrow - if you haven't already.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha

    Now you're gonna have me listening to that song all day in my head.

    I loved that track, and the video was tight.

    But damn!

    I heard about the dude shooting through his door thinking somebody was breaking in. But I heard it in passing on the news and didn't go any further into it till you linked it here.

    What neighborhood does he live in?

    Is it that bad?

    Does he live in Bahgdad??

    Jeezuz Christ!

    I dunno, but I get the feeling that he was not quite the upstanding citizen. I'm guessing he had something really valuable to protect in that house.

    Drugs maybe?


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