05 November 2008

President-elect - hope and anticipation

I am still baffled that this is reality. I am by no means assured that there will be immediate solutions to all our nations ills. I am still not convinced that this is going to bring out equality for blacks (help them get jobs, equal education, equal treatment in the housing realm, not get followed in stores, then we will have true equality).

But I am hopeful.

Last night was great.

Today at school I was super tired, but when I felt like I was going to pass out I remembered his words, his campaign, the chills I got last night seeing him on tv with his family and seeing the love between him and his family, the images of people worldwide who are motivated by this man, the masses that have come out and voted and supported this man -- then I was juvinated (not re- since I had never really been juvinated before about politics (thanks Pooty Tang for the lingo)).

The conservatives in my hallway were silenced. Though there were several students who I heard in the hallways making crazy comments. Some of them spit in the face of the newspaper cover a teacher had posted in the hallway. Some complained that it was only due to the black people voting that this man won. He got more white votes than any one in a really long time. And if it is because a lot of black people came out, that should be a testament to this man's character and beliefs. Why should people get upset that a man is able to motivate people to get off their asses, pull up their sagging pants and vote? Why is it wrong for people of color to vote for a bi-racial man when so many white people vote for a white man just because he is in the brown skin?

But it will not bring me down.

McCain gave a decent concession speech. If you missed PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama's speech, check it. I can keep listening to this speech and his other speeches over and over and over again.

Remember this moment. Remember these days.

You were a part of this. You will be witness to change. You have witnessed what could be the start of some really great things with regard to voter participation, a decreasing of political apathy, and the start of unyielding hope.

And keep him in your thoughts as he is about to get all the secret information that has been hidden from the rest of the world. Help him to not become cynical. Help him to strive for his goals. Help those around him to protect him from all the haters that are seriously out to attack and bring this man down - physically and mentally.

Remember. Remember. Rejoice.
"We as a people will get there... I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your president, too... The new dawn of American leadership is at hand... This is our moment - this is our time... Out of many we are one. That while we breathe, we hope... Yes, we can."
President Obama
4 November 2008

Also remember Will.i.am being on CNN as a hologram. The future is here.


  1. hey there! this was easily the most historic day since the founding of this nation more than 220 years ago! just think, our people have been here since DAY ONE of this nation, working, toiling, building, and dying for the nation... and only today can we say that we can fully realize our birthright to the fruits of our labors...

    this wasn't a win for Black people, BARACK OBAMA won for ALL of America.


  2. I hear you. What was Abomination is now Obamanation. And I do not know which of my rogue orifices that expression just leaked from.


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