11 November 2008

The American Widow Project

I heard this story about the American Widow Project on NPR this morning and it almost made me cry while driving to work. (It's best to listen to the story so you can hear their voices.)

When I was younger, I always thought of soldiers as being old. As I got into high school and started seeing the recruiters in the commons at lunch and now am seeing my students going off into the service, it really hits home just how young the soldiers are.

Now we have an inordinate amount of soldiers dying and almost that many young women who are widows. Some of them still teenagers.

I hadn't planned on writing something that tied to Veteran's Day, but here I am. Anti-war, but totally for the people who have to go over and fight and possibly die. Many of them doing so because of false promises of what they will gain or the ease of getting college money. (I have had a couple students contact me to let me know that they are not going to get money for college as easily as the recruiters promised and that they do not have a choice in where they can go or what they can study or when they can attend.)

The American Widow Project.

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