06 November 2008

Sarah plain and not so tall

This is why I taught African Studies:


NAFTA, Africa -- wow!! And people really thought she was capable.

She couldn't name all the countries in North America.

She asked if South Africa was just part of the country of Africa.

Granted, we don't know for sure that these are completely true, but I don't doubt it.

All the students in my African Studies classes could at some point name all the countries in Africa (50+ of them) and describe some characteristics of various regions.

All students in all of my classes can name the three nations that make up North America. How could she not do this? She lives in Alaska which is right next to one of them.

I guess all my students need to do now is keep looking good, have some kids, join the PTA and move to a small region of Missouri to become mayor, and they, too, may be vetted for a campaign for a high national office.

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  1. well we better free our minds and recoginze the real. he is one man and although he sounded good and this is historic, america has to want to change, not to mention many of us negro comfortable up in here

    i just hope the red states dont take us back pre 1960


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