16 November 2009

Dear Dairy Products

Dear Dairy Products,

I know that when I was younger I did not fully appreciate you. I know that I mainly used you for eating my multiple bowls of cereal. I know that when I ate elementary lunch, I would sometimes take the excess cheese off the pizza, I would not eat grilled cheese sandwiches, I would not take nachos and cheese, that I never drank you out of the cardboard milk cartons in any flavor, and would look at the students peeling away pieces of string cheese with their dirty hands to place in their mouths with a bit of disgust. I know that I should have tried yogurt more when I was younger and not been revolted by the chunks of fruit sitting at the bottom of the tins.

Dairy, I know that you are good for strong bones and teeth and what not.

Maybe it was because deep down I knew that you were not the food that was meant for me to love eternally. Maybe deep down I knew the pain that you would cause me in the future. I consider myself a really tolerant person, but for some reason, my body does not want to tolerate you.

Now I am older and have come to like you a bit more. I have avoided you for so long that often times it is hard for us to be together without you getting mad at me for the long lapses apart. I understand that. But please, even though we meet together so rarely, can you try not to punish me. Friends should not want to hurt friends as you have been hurting me. I don't know if I will keep coming back to you if you keep attacking my gut so much, if you keep causing me to change my plans, or if you keep making me leave the bathroom only to turn around and have to go right back again, and again, and again.

Perhaps you are mad at me for turning to the soy for my cereal. Or for not regularly cooking with you. Or for turning to non-dairy ice cream -- that was only temporary. I am trying to get back to the regular ice cream, but if I eat portions that are satisfying, you tend to really upset me.

I know that I never really understood why we should be drinking a product from another animal since no other being intentionally does that. But I have come to accept that you are here to stay, that you are in so many foods that it will be hard to avoid you. It is possible to avoid you completely, but then I would not fully enjoy food. And, Dairy, all I want is to be able to enjoy food -- to be able to enjoy some of the products you have to offer that I am interested in consuming -- with out the pain, with out you coming right back out ten minutes later. I don't like to beg, but if it will help the situation, I am not above it.

Dairy Products, please consider us being friends.



  1. What a drag!

    Have you ever tried Lactaid? My kids were all lactose intolerant when they were young; I used to buy the drops and add them to a gallon of milk. Problem solved.

  2. I fully understand you, Myself on the other hand would throw up and on most occasion deliver the lastest dairy fragrance based on what brand cerel I eat..Lol. I never enjoyed that look of "milked mustache" after a good bite of a well glazed donut or freshly baked cookies. I crave to be able to share an uncharaterized relation ship with milk but soy would have to do till further notice!!!

  3. @ Kathy G -- I used to do the Lactaid tablets... never thought to drop them in the milk. I just got tired of taking a pill each time I did dairy. For awhile I seemed to build a tolerance to my intolerance, but since I haven't been doing as much dairy, each time I eat it now, it is painful.

    @ Kene -- I think that the whole idea of milk mustaches disgusts me for so many reasons. One being the seeming lack of attention to cleanliness and the ability to drink without getting it on your face. Another being that I never liked milk enough to get it on me anywhere.

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