29 November 2009

Trying to figure out education and my life

I like teaching.

I like imparting knowledge on young people.  I love being the one to teach them history that they never knew about; teaching them about places in the world they never knew existed (or never knew existed in the way they actually do and not the way they have seen in stereotypical images); teaching them how to write in non-text language; teaching them that there are more websites to view than youtube and Facebook; helping them to welcome new friendships and seeing people in new lights rather than the hate they may have been taught. 

I love coaching them to reach beyond what they thought was physically possible; helping them understand the benefits of stretching and eating appropriately.

But maybe it is time to reevaluate what I am doing. 

Maybe I would be better in some other capacity.  Or maybe some other capacity would be better for me.  There is only so much grading and planning and meetings with no follow through that a person can take.  There is only so much of kids making out in the hallways, kids not really caring about their future possibilities, teachers and administrators not understanding the connections between social justice issues and the number of minorities in ISS/OSS and not in the classrooms where they are supposed be learning so they are not left behind. 

Perhaps this is some sort of early life crisis.  Perhaps it is me trying to figure out a way to get the education system to change so that more young people are served in a more equitable way. 

Perhaps it is me trying to get into another profession.

I’m not sure.

Hopefully I find the answers to what it is I need to do – to what it is I want to do.

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  1. I think you are a wonderful teacher, and you were one of my favorites. You really inspired me to find out the truth about history and not let others tell me what they consider the "truth." Also, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been introduced to the socratic method, which had a big impact on me; from joining and leading model u.n. to what colleges I considered, it had a big impact. I hope that you can find out what you want to do and that whatever it is you can continue to help and inspire others as you have me and many that I know. Finally I understand your frustrations about the dire straits the educational system is in, even as a student I have witnessed it and am constantly frustrated by the lack of motivation of students, the lack of support from some staff and the utterly atrocious abuese and negligence of administrators.
    -Tony S.


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