22 November 2009

Live like a hamster - in France

I have sometimes seen people and wondered what it would be like to live a day in their life.  Even when things are going bad in my life, I still am ok with it.  There is always hope for it to be better – I just have to put in work.

But I have never wanted what it was like to live as an animal. 

But if you have, you can stay in this nice villa in Western France and for 145 USD stay in a suite that will allow you to live like a hamster. 

If you are not feeling like you are running around crazy in your regular life, you can run around the giant hamster wheel.  You can drink water out of one of those big hamster water jugs with the metal straw-like thing.  You can sleep on hay.  You can even wear some hamster ears.

If you want to live like a hamster, find out more here.

I really need to get in on some of these wacko inventions/resort ideas.  There are always people wanting to do these things.

There is money to be made.

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