19 November 2009

Not really enjoying the commute

On the way to / from school I like to complete various activities.
  • I can focus on what I am about to teach or what I taught and how it went.
  • I can try to unwind after a hard day of dealing with class after class of freshmen.
  • I can listen to some really interesting stories on NPR during Morning Edition, or The World, or Talk of the Nation. Usually informative, entertaining, or thought provoking.
  • I can listen to the Ricky Smiley Morning Show and Gary's Tea in the morning to catch up on some celebrity gossip.
  • I can listen to the hilarious prank phone calls sometimes played on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.
  • I can try and find music in the morning on radio channels that seem to think that people want to hear talk. Who started that? I am pretty sure it would be more motivating to listen to some good music on the way to a movie rather than some people who think they are funny.
  • I can try and see how many people almost hit me because they are talking or texting on their cellular phones.
  • I can debate why I get mad at people for driving under the speed limit. I know they should be able to go slower since the number is the maximum speed they should be going, but it is really annoying when people drive below the speed limit.
  • I can try different routes to see if they are faster than taking the Parkway home.
  • I can daydream of the day when the highway will be opened.
That last one is really on my most days.

Once the highway is finished it will potentially cut off up to 15 minutes from my commute to and from school. I guess, then, I won't be able to do all the enjoyable activities, but I'm sure I will enjoy being able to sleep in a little longer, or being able to get home faster and do whatever it is I choose to do with my personal time.

December 7th cannot come sooner.

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