12 March 2013

March Photo a Day: Week 1

Photo prompts selected from Fat Mum Slim.

March 1 - L is for...
1. Learning more about Harlem.  There is so much history in the area.  I often catch people taking guided tours,  like in the photo, and want to join one day so I can learn about the rich history of the place.  There are so many names all over the place - building names, street names, graffiti on walls like in this photo - that mean a lot to the history, that I just don't know at this point.

March 2 - I made this!
2. Ok. So I didn't actually make the Doonya DVD, but I have been taking the classes at least three times each week for over a month.  I love it and feel like it is helping me get back in shape and helping me love working out again.  I can do different dance moves and often feel like I'm in a  Bollywood movie dance scene during class.  I am excited that the creators just released the DVD (you can get them on Amazon so you too can feel Bolly-tastic as you shake your hips!)

March 3 - Key
3. The key to a successful business is to pull in customers.  I'm not sure if this business is showing sagging pants on purpose, or if it was accidental.  The one in the yellow really gave me the giggles!

March 4 - Lucky
4. I'm lucky to have met Camille when she was in St. Louis and getting started with her jewelry business.  Now her company PeaceImages is blowing up and still treats her customers with awesome care.  She made these earrings for me.

March 5 - Under
5. Under the city are subways that help me get just about anywhere I need/want to be in NYC.  They are truly filthy a lot of times.  There are places that I have seen be repaved with fresh cement, only to go back three days later and see it recovered with chewed gum and other filth.  Despite the path of trash on the tracks, I do like the lines I captured in this picture, though.

6. Chair
March 7 - Fear
7. Heat is given to people in the city by oil.  This is an oil truck hosing oil into a local business.  I am always fearful that someone will cause a spark and a huge fire each time I see one of these ubiquitous trucks.

March 8 - Favourite
8. I love that I am up early enough to still see the city looking nice when it snows - before there are footprints everywhere and before cars have splashed the crisp whiteness with specks of brown.

March 9 - Faceless self-portrait
9. I have my hair in bantu knots, so I look a little weird in shadow right now.

March 10 - I want...
10. ... to win the lottery.  Enough said.

March 11 - Important
11. These signs are everywhere. In every public building I can remember being in in NYC.  I guess there must have been some huge accidents in order to get these up in each establishment.


  1. Okay, the window display with the mannequin in the yellow sweatshirt totally reminded me of I Am Legend . . . and I think the bollywood dancing looks like so much fun!!!!!!

    1. I'll have to check the I Am Legend reference.

      Doonya fitness is so much fun. Search on YouTube for some steps they do. Not the same as in class with all the energy, but still good.


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