26 March 2013

March Photo-a-Day: Week 3

Prompts by Fat Mum Slim.

Preview: Spandex, my broke-ass, good food, and meth abuse.

March 19 - A sign
19. I'm sure there was a time in history where this place was the place to be as a clothing designer.

March 20 - Clean
20. I can easily keep my closet clean by looking at sale prices in some stores in SoHo.

March 21 - Working
21. Took a cab home from Doonya this night as I had to get home quick and get ready for the next work day. Unfortunately, it seemed to take longer by cab than by subway.  I forgot about stop lights.

March 22 - About you
22. I don't use up that much battery on my phone each day, but I still want this gadget so I can charge it without having to have an outlet.

March 23 - What you do for fun
23 Another excellent post-Doonya fitness class brunch.  This time a smaller, less rowdy bunch.  Good times at a Thai place.  I now understand why I always heard NYCers talk about brunch.  It is typically all you can drink for a set price - which is usually lower than you could get a normal meal for in The City.

March 24 - Up
24. I once wrote about how a meth addiction and baseball would go together for me.  Based on that post, I'm sure you can tell how delighted I was to see this item up by the checkout registers in Old Navy.

March 25 - In your drawer
25. I don't have any drawers in my apartment.  But I did like the jewelry I saw while out walking around the city on this day.  Most was reasonably priced.  It would be great to have a fabulous jewelry drawer that was this organized.


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