11 March 2013

February Photo a Day: Week four

Last images for February (sorry for the delay... I feel like I have been super busy especially after healing from sickness and laryngitis).  Picture topics provided by Fat Mum Slim.

Feb 19 - I am...
19. I am confused about lotion wipes.  I'm not really sure the reason for them.

Feb 20 - Where I stood
20. There was a time in my childhood when I would have loved these shoes that I saw a subway ride wearing.

Feb 21 - Full
21. A basic necessity in my daily facial care.

Feb 22 - Makes you smile
22. Good times with teacher performance in school talent show.  I whipped my hair back and forth in this wig.
Feb 23 - A word
23. Now I understand more why I almost made the school burn down.  These words are scattered all throughout the school on various fire alarms.

Feb 24 - Cloud
24. There were several days of cloud coverage.  On this day, there was a brief moment of blue sky which I captured and a sea gull flying over, too.  Too bad it was actually in the twenties in temperature.

25. On your bedside table (I don't have one and didn't feel like taking a picture of the bare floor next to my bed.)

26. Quiet (didn't experience any really good quiet moments... plus forgot to take picture)

Feb 27 - Playing
27. The Department of Education finally stopped playing and I am finally going to get paid correctly.

Feb 28 - Upside down
28. A student saw this on my desk during my efforts to alleviate my laryngitis.  She thought it was a condom wrapper and asked why I had it on my desk.


  1. If I thought I could get me inserts and my feet in them comfortably, I'm fairly certain I'd still wear Wonder Woman shoes :).


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