18 March 2013

March Photo-a-Day: Week 2

Photo prompts given by Fat Mum Slim.

March 12 - In the distance
12. Saw this woman on the subway.  Kind of looks homeless-ish/disheveled, though more colourful and wearing Beats headphones - which I still don't understand why even the small ones are close to or over 100 dollars American.  Not homeless-ish.  Just eclectic and adventurous - as seen often in NYC.

March 13 - Sound
13. A cappella group from Rochester University came to sing for the 9th graders.  I had one of the free rooms before they performed since I was on my prep, so as I graded, I was fortunate to hear them warming up... especially since I don't teach 9th and didn't get to hear the actual performance.

March 14 - Tasty
14. Found a new place to get lunch on days when I don't bring in my own. I had the delicious, yet comically named "Breast Munchies" and might switch it up next time by trying the also comically named "Breast Rider" (without onions).
March 15 - Explore
15. In an effort to help the girls at school see women doing jobs that might typically be predominantly male, and to help them get ideas about what they want to do once they finish school, the school hosts Cool Women, Hot Jobs - 80+ women talking about what they do and how they got there.  Awesome.  When it was complete, I started to question myself about my job... there were so many awesome ones out there.

March 16 - 9 o'clock
16. This week was really full, exciting, and draining.  I did Doonya three nights, went to a Doonya DVD launch party on Thursday (not getting home until midnight then getting back up at 4:30 for school), worked to get student work graded before Friday since it was the end of the marking period, and chaperoned a dance on Friday evening.  Good times, little rest.  So on Saturday, at 9:00, I was still in bed.  Took this photo at around 9:20 when I forced myself to get up.

March 17 - Green
17. I'm not one to celebrate St. Patrick's day, but did where green because my current go-to scarf is this circle scarf that is so warm and comfy and wonderful and I love it and want to wear it all the time.  I also found out on that day that the same saint is the patron saint of Nigeria.  So next year, I have to remember to get some sort of "Kiss me, I'm Nigerian" shirt.

March 18 - Shoes
18. One thing I enjoy about rainy/snowy days is that I get to wear my rain boots.  They are different from the typical black, and I like that.

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