12 February 2008

Daily pains

It is always the little things that really annoy me. Though at the time, they seem pretty big. Today, it is the teacher making (literally) 9 packets of 16 pages for almost 100 students on the copier. During my only prep where I get to prepare for the next day. Why must he do that to me? I won't stay any later than I need to, and I really would prefer to sleep in tomorrow.

Then there is the lady at my parents' church who cannot sing, but feels the need to sing really, really, really loud. She is more tone deaf than any person I have ever encountered. More out of key than any person I have ever seen on the best/worst of American Idol. It was so bad that it was really distracting. All I could think about during the songs was her singing. Whether she was able to tell that she was singing so off, whether she was doing it on purpose to cause a distraction from the words and music, whether I should step into the aisle, walk to the front and request that no songs be played or sung on days when she is in attendance.

It was that bad. It really pained me.

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