08 February 2008

No child left behind

More good news today:
* Only half of the senior class is likely to graduate
* Only 4 out of about 15 or so black boys are likely to graduate

What in the world is going on? Why is it that in 2008 it is still seen as uncool for a black person to be good at school? Why is smartness seen as being or acting white? Why are the females here so intent on messing with these boys who are not shooting for anything? There is one fool who this is his second time around as a senior, and he is still not going to graduate.

Perhaps it is tied to the culture we live in -- rather the culture they observe on television and in movies. The people they see making videos or the people they see on reality television who make it big by doing not much of anything besides sleeping with a huge variety of people in a really short amount of time.

I'm not blaming hip hop. I am blaming ignorant children. Ones who do not understand the value of education or the concept of hard work to achieve something. Anything.

How depressing. What a day. What a city.

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