02 February 2008

Phil saw his shadow

Never really understood the idea of Ground Hog's Day.

What the hell. Who decided that a stupid, ugly little animal could predict weather?

And is it really predicting anything? From what I remember, if he sees his shadow, there are 6 more weeks of winter. And if he doesn't see his shadow, then spring will start in 6 weeks.

Someone help me understand the difference.

KBO went with some friends to see Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania. There are some big festivities involved. The partying sounds like fun, but I cannot support the whole idea of this day.

And if we are relying on a hog, why is the date for the start of spring always marked ahead of time on the calendar?

I cannot fully understand how it all could have even started. Seriously.

Who got together during the winter, sat around their home-brewed moonshine and decided that to figure out the weather and know when they could start to plant their seeds in the ground all they had to do was find this animal in his den and see if he saw his shadow when he popped out of the whole early on the morning of February 2nd? And why would they pick that day? And why that animal?

Maybe they were on more than moonshine. Opiates, perhaps.

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  1. Dude, just wait until I tell you about it. The entire thing is bullshit. OF COURSE he's going to see his shadow if you have 7,000 watts of lights on the stage when you take him out of his stump. The whole thing was crazy and surreal.


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