15 February 2008

Extra-ordinary... to the point of boredom

I am sitting here. Stomach full from a lunch where I was able to eat outside this facility (much like a normal person).

I am bored. I am supposed to be working on these competencies I should have completed. I am too tired. The faculty got reamed this morning for not all being on time. I missed it all since I arrived after that little speech. Sent an email trying to clarify why we have to be here so early when the actual meat of the day does not start until 45 minutes after they want us to arrive.

I received no response.

My eyes were drooping -- dozing. I had those mini-dreams where you blink and you have a dream that is full length even though you are actually asleep for a split second.

I need to get out of here.

I need the three day weekend to begin. I need for it to not be winter any more so that I do not freeze when I step outside. I need.... rest. Good sleep and a good break from the ordinary.


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  1. So pumped I wasn't there. So glad to get out of there.

    When are we taking our Ferris Bueller day.


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