13 February 2008

Summarizing my eye twitch

Since morning I have had one of those headaches. Almost as harsh as the ones I had when I thought I was dying and actually went to the hospital.

Most classes went well today. But there were the classes that really got to me. And not in a good way. Some students, even with prompting, prodding, guiding, and modeling, still cannot seem to summarize or find the large, overarching idea in text. And hearing these students go through page by page, section by section, minute detail by minute detail is really not enjoyable. I even interrupted several times to ask questions about the big ideas, to interject the main ideas, to help them understand how to summarize the big ideas.


But all for nothing. They seemed to not even be listening to me. One of them, after I finished asking about the big ideas, the main points, to SUMMARIZE, said "Ok, back to what I was saying." He proceeded to go page by page through the 5 chapters of the text.

Now I have an after school meeting to look forward to.

With a head still aching and an eye beginning to twitch.

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