18 February 2008

Nippin' Out

I am really done with the cold weather. It has been the most sporadic ever, with it snowing 6 inches one day and, literally, 75 in two days. There have been more days of freezing temperatures than I can remember ever happening. We have had record highs and record lows -- probably sometimes in the same week.

But the biggest thing that has me tired of the cold is a situation that happened the other day.

I was walking toward a man and told him that I was really a bit chilly. So rather than asking me if the heat was working, if he could offer me some hot cocoa, if he could offer me a jacket, if he could even offer me a big-ol' hug, what does he do?

He immediately darts his eyes to my nipple region.

No joke. And he kept those eyes there for some time. It was like my saying I was cold was an excuse for him to use his scientific skills to check if my body really was cold. My engorged nipples would be the evidence he needed.

Fortunately, I had chosen a lightly padded bra that day, though I'm not sure it made any difference.

Unfortunately, the cold does not seem to be wanting to go away. What did that ground hog predict?

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