17 August 2012

Discarded - still making mega bucks

I know that many people look to get a side hustle going to earn extra money.  Who can blame them?  Some people tutor, others sell products, others walk dogs, others make jelly, others make cakes - to each their own.

We all want to have more money and there are many ways to try to go about doing so.

I do, however, have to give props (and question marks) to this kid for putting his name on basic products that his fans will surely buy just because his face is on the box and they will add it to their bedroom collection of photographs.

This product was sitting (seemingly discarded) at the register in Walgreens - so maybe it's not that great an idea or maybe the parent who was to buy it is tired of all the paraphernalia with him on it crowding their child's bedroom.

A toothbrush that sings two of his songs?!?  Seriously?!? This guy is genius and also extremely greedy for money all at the same time.

I'm not sure if I'm mad about this product or if I think that he needs to just take what he gets with his music - though this is related to his music.

I would love to be given the money he makes on this product.  I'm not greedy.

I won't touch his royalties and other earnings.

Just give me the toothbrush profits.



  1. "Just give me the toothbrush profits" - LOL!

    I thought it evil when I found Bieber action figures for sale at a Duane Reade, but this toothbrush thing...well, it's an abomination unto the Lord, isn't it??? :-)
    Some Dark Romantic


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