08 August 2012

I found Spidey

When my cute little four year old nephew found out that I was in New York City, the first thing he said was, "New York City!  That's where Spiderman lives!!"

He then proceeded to ask if me or Kid Sis #1 had seen him yet.

I can appreciate his love for the webbed-one.  When I was younger, I had a Spiderman stuffed toy, Spidey.  He was my favorite.  When he started to fall apart, I performed elaborate surgeries on him using my sewing skills - his neck, armpits, ankles, knees, and eventually his abdomen all were reconnected, refurbished, and reloved.  He is still somewhere in the depths of the storage of my parents' home, probably with my favorite Cabbage Patch Doll - Crandell.  I should find him and send him to Nephew #1.

I kept my eyes open during my time in New York for Spiderman.

Finally, on the way to the Mega Bus to DC, while I walked near 42nd street and near Times Square, I saw him.

It was as though my Spidey-sense from my childhood still worked because there he was, on one of the back streets, just perched on the side of a building looking at me.

I took the picture and sent it to Kid Sis #2 to show to her son.  It made him happy that I had finally found Spiderman in NYC.

Fortunately, he was not distracted by my reflection in the poster's window.


  1. This is so cool and yay for you for looking out for him, what a wonderful aunt you are!! I sadly have never had spidey senses yes I know .... shameful but lucky for me I get to see his reflection thru YOU thanks :]

    1. Hahaha!! Thanks! I'm sure you have other superpowers that help you in life!

  2. Aww that's so cute! I love how kids can just believe like that.

    1. I know, right? Oh, for the younger years when life was so much easier and we were so naive.


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