07 August 2012

Vets in the airport

I am not really that sentimental.

Last Wednesday, I had a 3-hour delay in NYC to get to Chicago.  That meant that I had to stay with Brother-from-another-mother-and-father overnight and catch the first flight to StL the next morning.

When I landed and started walking toward the exit, I noticed a lot of soldiers standing at attention.  As I kept walking, I noticed that they were saluting veteran, older soldiers as the older men walked off or were wheeled (wheelchairs) off of the plane.

It was really a great sight to see the younger soldiers honouring the veterans.

And it was a huge celebration. There were even bands and non-soldiers and airport workers who tried to keep me moving along so that I would not take pictures.  It was so big that I had to look it up to see what it was.  I believe it was a celebration for them as they got ready to head to the main WWII memorial in DC (which I got to see during my quick visit there).  It is Honour Flight Chicago and they help vets get to the memorial to reflect.

Here are some pictures:
This was my first view of the soldiers.
The veterans looked so happy at the youngsters saluting them.
More vets honoring the older vets.
They even had music.
And more music if you look to the left.  Also tons and tons of people.


  1. What an amazing sight! I would have loved to have been there - - your pictures make me cry!

    1. It was really awesome to see all of the vets being honored.

  2. That's really wonderful. I got a bit of a tug on my heartstrings seeing these pics, too.
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I was really touched by it all. Even tried to video tape it, but the workers kept pushing me forward so I couldn't get good video.


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