15 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Cute car


I saw this Fiat in the Central West End of St. Louis while trying to sell (for store credit) some books as I minimize even more for the move from StL to NYC.

So freaking cute.  

And the weather was cooler than it has been, so it would actually be tolerable to ride in it.


  1. That is way cute! But it kind of looks like a hundred year old golfer drives it. Did you see the driver?

    1. It does look that way. LOL!!

      I was in too much of a hurry trying to run errands otherwise I would have posted up at one of the corner restaurants to see who got in the car.

    2. It’s a throw-up cute, A. Eye! At least, you got to see something remarkable before you moved out. You know, I can imagine that golf cart-inspired classic car riding through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The roof gives that relaxing, ‘beachy’ feeling! ;*

    3. Indeed! I could totally see this in other countries... I'll have to make it to Rio (one of my goal cities) so I can see how right on you are!


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