03 August 2012

Seven months and still going strong

Still going strong with posting each day this year.

Here are the top 10 posts from the month of July.  Feel free to read or re-read any posts.

After all my logic and my theory - Post about how St Louis should not be the most dangerous city in the country.  I incorporate some Fugees - you can never go wrong with Lauryn Hill... unless it is dealing with paying taxes, right?
Saturday Quote: Why complicate life? - Great quote.
Nahwlayduhs - Post about my long-time incorrect understanding of what a candy was really called.
Social Construct with Power - A bit of my thoughts on race and race identification and relations.
Possibly the worst invention ever - If you have ever been in a bathroom with toilet rolls that do not move a full circle, you will understand this rant.
Thick and full of body - The hair dresser said I have more and thicker hair than anyone she had ever dealt with.  I guess I should be proud, even though my hair style took 14 hours to complete.
Summer is tasty plastic tubes - How could you not enjoy frozen freeze-pops in the summer time?  Reminds me of childhood.
You may rejoice, I (still) must mourn - Just my views on the US's independence day.
The things I do for hair - More on my 14 hour hair styling extravaganza.
Pleasing others vs living my life - I have spent a lot of my life trying to please others.  I am trying to work on making myself happy.


  1. Seriously, well done on the daily posting. I am attempting it for 25 days to see if I can kick start my blogging again....wish me luck!

    1. Thanks!

      Good luck with your mission. I'll be checking out your posts.

  2. Sweet! I was just thinking , I have fallen behind and I need to catch up on your posts. I love this "highlights" idea! Can't wait to catch up. Congratulations to you for blogging every.single.day. That's Amazing!

    1. I have fallen behind in reading your posts and others' posts.

      I hope you can read some of the highlights and thanks for the congrats.


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