11 September 2008

Crickets, Race, Lil Wayne, and John McCain

Lately I have not been sleeping very well. An unfinished basement that echoes the sound of crickets chirping incessantly is really not good for REM sleep. I have tried so many techniques to get rid of those bastards that it is ridiculous. I tried more environmentally friendly methods; I tried not so hazardous methods; but it finally came down to fogging those bastards out yeterday.

I think that worked.

At least I didn't hear them as loud last night.

Though last night I still didn't sleep well since I kept waking up to listen to hear if I could hear any of Jiminy's friends.

When I did finally get some zzzz I had a horrible dream.


I was best friends with Lil Wayne and John McCain. We were on a road trip together with some huge insects and were driving on a road that was like a roller coaster with its incline so incredibly steep. And I couldn't see where the road would wind up when we finally reached its peak. The two guys were laughing and joking and all I could think about was how I hoped that the large incline would lead to nowhere so that I would drop off and not have to be around the two of them any more.

(Un)Fortunately, the alarm ended the dream before I could see the finale.

We'll see if Jiminy's cousins are back to scratching their legs together to keep me up tonight.

On a completely different note -- NPR started a story on race issues on Morning Edition and continued on All Things Considered asking some voters in York, PA "Does race matter in '08?" and about some general race questions. I didn't get to hear the afternoon portion yet, but this morning they said that in the afternoon some of the participants admitted that they still believe Obama is a Muslim.

Talk about lies and exaggerations being held in people's heads. If someone says something many people will believe it without looking into the actual facts. Like people saying that being a community organizer is a negative thing.

Tune in or check the site to see/hear the morning story and the rest of the story.


  1. It's funny...about a decade ago Son #1 had a gecko that he fed crickets to. He always had a cage of them in his room, and I thought the sound of their chirping was rather soothing.

  2. I can see how some noises can be soothing, but for me if it is not a constant noise, it is a nuisance. Crickets are so erratic with their mating calls or whatever that it is more annoying to me than soothing.

    And, as they have been really annoying me, I have been reading up about them and found that they eat up all kind of stuff that I wouldn't want them eating so I don't want them coming up from in the basement. Nor do I want them to have laid eggs that will hatch in 60 days or so.

  3. lol u need therapy

    and most americans dont read and stupid dont suprise me


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