24 September 2008

I wish others could recognize this man

Was just catching up on reading some blogs and refound my boy The Progressive Proletarian (high school buddy). He had a link to this video that I didn't get to see from the DNC. Awesome. Inspiring. Touching. If you were (or weren't) juvenated, this will rejuvenate you.

I just wish people would see Mr. Kucinich as a viable candidate so we could really start doing some things right in this nation.

Don't forget to register to vote if you want to take part in the election next month. Deadlines are fast approaching. If you moved, register for your new place. If you are away at school or out of town, get an absentee voter ballot.

If you know some one who is going to be in the hospital on the day of the election, let them know that they can contact the election board and have some one come out and vote them in the hospital. (Same applies for people in jail that have not been convicted of a crime.)

Also be sure to look into the local issues around you that will be on the ballot. If you aren't going to vote for national stuff, at least take care of the stuff around you.


  1. Preciate the love, yo!! I looked through the blog and it is dope. Shoot me an email so I can know who I am talking to. Peace and blessings!

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