11 September 2008

Palin and Gibson

No matter how hard I try to stay away from politics, it keeps coming at me.

Check out this video of Palin with Charlie Gibson on ABC. Long, but listen to it all. Come back later if you need more time.

She is the one that people are completely switching their political views for? She is the one that is revving up the Republican party? She is the one they want to be a heartbeat (literally) from being president?

She doesn't even fully understand what the Bush Doctrine is.

I do have to give her credit for being good at not directly answering questions, though. The McCain campaign has trained her well to bull shit some answers and go around the question to answer it in a way that gets the points she is trained to answer out there.

I am ready for the debates.

1 comment:

  1. The fact that this woman could be a heartbeat away from the prez is troubling. The sobering fact that the MSM is still praising this woman after last night's disaster is down right scary..moose in the headlights


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