26 September 2008

Where's the Maytag man?

I understand that there are problems in this nation with severe unemployment rates. I also understand that there are a lot of people that work from home or do stay at home work for their families.

What I don't understand is how companies that do service work have not adjusted to the fact that many more people work. During the day. And cannot take off work and sit at home to wait for a 6 hour period for a service person or delivery person to show up. I don't have a job where I spend 25% of the day goofing off. I deal with children and their various issues/stories/dramas etc while trying to make sure I cover the material and skills I am trying to get them to master all day.

It is ridiculous. I need my washing machine serviced. I told them that I could not be home until 3 pm. They told me that they would come by after three. They then call me at 1:30. Fortunately, it was during the Homecoming pep assembly and I had my phone with me. Unfortunately, they were calling telling me that they were at the door of my home.

I stepped away from the students, went into the parking lot and I went off like I have never gone off before. I then called the phone system people who told them to come at 1:30 and went off on them. I then called the Sears people and went off on them when they said the next appointment would not be until NEXT Saturday. Then I calmed down enough to enjoy the water balloon tosses, the tug of wars, and the pie eating contests the students participated in.

But back to business -- what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Why do they not work at coming to people's homes during hours when they will be home? Now I do not have some one else who can sit in my home and wait 6 hours for them to show up. No I do not want to take off work (and take more time writing sub plans for my classes than it takes to plan them for myself to teach) to sit for 6 hours myself to wait for them to come.

I rushed home since the person on the phone assured me that the fix-it-person would try and make it to my place after three and before 5. Now I still sit here -- pissed. Just called them back asking if they would still be coming since it is 5:10. No - the person has left the vicinity and likely won't be able to come back today. Though they will try and call today, she said -- yeah, right. Again they said that the next appointment won't be until NEXT Saturday!! WHAT!!!?!??!

If I was really feeling like being risky and if I had a lot of money, I would start a service company that worked 8 hours a day, but started at 2-3pm. Then you could get shit delivered or fixed or whatever during times that were conducive to a lot more people's lives.

I would become rich.

I would make so many people's lives so much easier.

I wish I had the resources to make that happen. Maybe someone will read this and come up with a way to make this happen.

I don't understand why it hasn't happened already. People have been delivering shit to people's homes for a really long time. And people have been needing stuff fixed for a really long time.

Delivery companies can get the peace sign -- though I'll put the index down!


  1. I agree with you that getting something delivered/cleaned/fixed at home is really difficult.

    Fortunately, I have a bit of flexibility in my schedule. I don't have to be at work till 12:30, and have Friday off (although I have a meeting scheduled each Friday morning). Still, It's happened more than once that I've told some company I have to LEAVE at noon (giving myself a cushion of time) and they show up at 11:50 for a service appointment.

    Now I just try to cram all my errands and all my appointments on Friday afternoon.

  2. dude, i just love this post.

    you know what i wish? that the bug man who is scheduled -- during daytime business hours and for which my boyfriend has to adjust his work schedule-- to spray at our two-family flat would KNOCK ON THE DAMN DOOR to let us know after he finishes spraying the outside of the place so that we could get the INSIDE sprayed and get rid of all the damn house centipdes. instead of just slinking off despite having been paid to spray outside AND inside.

    grrrrrr arggghhhh baaaahhh

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