05 September 2008

I'm going under the bridge

Two weeks of political ups and downs, many over exaggerations, and too many life stories are finally over.

The song that has popped into my head today is some old Chili Peppers -- Under the Bridge.

Seriously. I don't want to feel like I did these past few days and nights. And I don't want to ever feel anger like I felt after reading the anonymous poster's ignorant statements on Africa (and other nations) and on African Americans conditions and how black people really have it so easy in life. I have almost calmed down enough from those comments to be able to sit down and craft a response this weekend. Stay tuned.

Take me to the place I love.

Looking forward to a weekend of semi-mindlessness. Some house work. Some grading. Some planning of what could turn out to be THE event of the fall.

But definitely some chillin' out, maxin', and relaxin'.

About to go let it all begin with a/several dranky-drank(s) with some friends. Holla at me if you want to help me/you chill out this weekend.

Take me all the way.


  1. Awesome song!

    I love that song and its often what I listen to to take me away. I mostly listen to it to get a release and it gets me in an introspective frame of mind.

    BTW: don't let the ignorance of some of these clowns on the internet get to you. The annonimity of the internet sure has a way of allowing the ignorance to flow freely.

  2. Darn, the vid has been removed from YouTube.

  3. I got it to work again.


  4. well dont worry bout the ignant folk
    i see more running for office lol. All these folks aint really saying nothing about the issues, Obma is a little tiny bit, but it seems like Palin and McCain just mantra stealing when they need to talk about N. Korea rebuilding nukes like North Korea has fallen off the map


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