12 September 2008

More campaign distortions, missteps, and round about answers

I keep trying to stay away from the politics but like Michael Corleone, "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

First up, McCain campaign ad distortions (otherwise known as lies). Unfortunately the people who really need to see these lies are probably not going to see them or even click to see this video.

Do watch.

Next we have him saying that governors and mayors do not have national security experience. You can also read the transcript here. He said it during a debate last year. But, suddenly your VP pick is ready when last year you said someone with th same experience as her would not be ready to be in office?

Here, Palin finally addresses (you be the judge of how successfully) the bridge issue. Again, she is good at bringing the question to an answer she has practiced giving rather than actually answering the question being asked of her.

You can also read this article here about Palin's words that were not so nice to various people in the community or to the Democratic presidential nominee. It also talks about how many people in her home state and where she was mayor are afraid of speaking out against her for fear of the "Republican Party machine".

If she's not going to blink, the rest of us need to. Blink. Open our eyes. And really see and listen to what is going on here.


  1. yes, life should indeed be more than this. =)

    Hope all is well and that has satisfied my Republican quota for the day.

  2. Good post and to the point, Stuck. We all need to hammer these points home. Shit's frankly got me down... maybe I just need a cup of coffee and a long walk under the full moon with my doggie.


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