20 January 2012

Boys reminiscing on HS?

I almost squealed with glee today during my supervision when I overheard a boy student telling a girl student that it didn't make sense that a boy who was 23 would be interested in dating a girl still in high school and not even 18.

I have never understood the appeal for a person that old to talk to someone still in high school.

Even people who go off to college and have a senior (HS) GF/BF don't always make it because their lives don't mesh any more.

And what do they have to talk about?

I guess how the older one is going to sneak booze to the younger one since it is legal for him to buy it.  I guess how he loves her and wants to sleep with her to show that love.  I guess how he really is cool, even though he wants to date some one who hasn't yet finished high school.

Strange to me.

Especially the girls who say that their parents know about the BF and even let the girl stay the night with the guy.


In class today the boy said to the student that she was dating a pedophile.

He talked about how he had to step in one time when his HS-age sister was trying to date a soldier who was 24.

I won't go as far as to use that term, but I do think that older people should not be with high school students.


  1. Ick, totally creepy to still date kids in high school. I understand if they dated in high school and one graduated...but not just out of the blue. I knew a girl in 8th grade whose boyfriend had just graduated from HS. Looking back I think maybe the pedophile label wouldn't have been too far off...

  2. @ Emily - It is icky. An 8th grader with a HS graduate?! That is absurd!


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