13 January 2012


Another week down.  Still tired.  Still getting rid of something each day.  Still stressed.  Still trying to relax more.  Still trying to figure out in what direction my life needs to be going.

Because I have so much going on in my head, I am finding that I am easily annoyed by chatter - in person, on the television, on the radio.  It is almost like I don't want to hear seemingly mindless talk when there are bigger issues in the world and in my life.  (The awesome oil-addiction world pic comes from makefive.com.)

Please do some reading on the current oil subsidy crisis in Nigeria when you can.

I think bigger issues are why I have been drawn more to documentaries and informational shows the past few weeks and have barely watched my typical shows.  (I am really not impressed by the Project Runway All-Stars - though Austin Scarlett is still mesmerizing, especially with the new 'stach.)  There is just something that makes me really want to turn the channel or walk out of a room when the talk is banal.

And all of it has caused me to loose some of my luster.  I have lost a bit of my sarcasm.  I am no longer able to come up with quick comical quips.  I don't seem to be able to recap stories in the same illustrative way anymore.

I need a restart button.

Or if one of those does not exist, let me just hold down a power button and then do a manual restart.


  1. You make me think of a speech I did a couple years ago, with the same title as your post. It was about starting over or rebooting our lives. It's never too late to start a new direction. Keep searching passion will find you. Speaker Les Brown always says, When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

  2. I think we have all been there. I sure have. It seems like when I am in a funk like I will never ever get out of it. But it does get better. You gotta have a set back in order to have a come back.

  3. @ T.Lorraine French and @ Nannette - Thanks. Both good motivational statements that I will keep in mind. Sometimes it is mind over matter... positive thinking goes a long way, right?!

  4. Thinking positive really does go a long way. (Passing by from January NaBloPoMo thread).
    Sometimes I find that exercising really helps me get out of a funk! Hope you feel better soon, and are back to normal. (:

  5. @ Larissa - Thanks. I definitely need to get back into exercising... morning yoga just isn't the same as some serious cardio and lifting.


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