29 January 2012

How relaxing has evolved

The way I relax has changed over time.

When I was a kid, I loved to just read a book.  Doing so was great.  I could imagine that I was in that the world of the novel, I could let go and just read their story, I could learn about different parts of the world and different time periods in history.  I also played out side or played games or put together puzzles.

In college, I loved to go to parties with my roommates.  It was fun to just relax and dance.  I loved to feel the bass in my bones.  I still find it amazing how music can impact people - how you can really feel it.  When I was competing (track) a lot of relaxation was had just vegging out in front of a tv, or talking with friends or catching up on sleep.

First year out of college and first year teaching, I loved to sit back and watch tv, go to music shows with the guy I was dating, and go to parties and bars.

It was during that time - post collegiate track career - that I started to love running.  I lived in the perfect spot in Columbia, Missouri where I not only had an excellent view of nature, but also had easy access to a trail that was awesome.  I remember how nice it felt to come home from school/work, slip on my sneaks, and hit the road/trail.  I never listen to music when I run for a few reasons.  First, I love to hear nature and my feet hitting the trails, second, I don't want to have some dangerous shit happen to me and not even realize it is coming because I am busy listening to a song in my earbuds.  

I was still in great shape, though it was changing since I wasn't competing, but it was still awesome.  My mind could roam, I could see animals, and I was relaxed.

When I moved back to St. Louis, relaxing became more about television and internet.  And I got into a relationship that was time consuming in a good way.  We watched movies and talked to relax.   I still ran some times, but I still have not been in as great an area as CoMo, and I can't stand running inside or on a track.

I find that now, relaxing to me consists of escaping myself in some way.  This can be by watching tv, by playing around on the internet, watching movies, and sometimes just playing Words With Friends or Unblock Me.  Sometimes it is just a nap.  I love to just drift off for a little while.  Sometimes I actually feel like cleaning house is relaxing - vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, decluttering.  It can even be as simple as a hug from my man.  That is a feeling that can sometimes take my mind off of the daily grind.

Any of these are even better with a glass+ of wine.

They feel good.  

I do want to get back into running, for now my morning yoga is a great way to start the day, but I don't think it has the same effect mentally as getting outside and feeling/hearing the air wiz past my ears as I run.  

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  1. Agreed. Relaxing with a glass of wine... is the best!


  2. I always admire people who do running. :)
    At almost 33, I still enjoy dancing and the feelings. Maybe I just refused to grow old lol.

  3. @ Lindsay - Thanks for stopping by. A little wine of any kind makes it all great.

    @ Maureen - Thanks for the compliment. I used to be one of those runners that people admired... now I admire the ones that are still running. I want to get back into it, but am, simply put, lazy and busy. It is really amazing the effect music and body movement can have on the psyche. And, I, too, refuse to grow old!

  4. I could never get into running unless it was for tennis, used to do a heart pumping hour and a half of exertennis (a cardio tennis class) every Sunday. I miss it! I moved to a different island and can't find a comparable class here on a weekend.

    I think I still relax the same as I always did, like to read, lie on the beach and just have a day where I don't HAVE to be anywhere at anytime. Wine is good too (or a fruity martini).

  5. @ Mauishopgirl - I've never heard of exertennis... sounds like it could be fun, I used to play for fun with my dad when I was a kid.

  6. I've started running and I have a lot of the same thoughts about it. I love the outdoors. I love to be able to listen and look and not have music distracting my brain. But I'm slow and just getting started. I think I need to work yoga back into my life though.

  7. @all.things.fadra - I love hearing nature. You could start yoga in the morning. I do it for 20-40 minutes right when I wake up. Great way to start my day!


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