19 January 2012

Frozen fingers or popped tires?

Yesterday, I was running late to work.  One reason was because I slept late, but the reason I am going to blame is the weather.

It was super cold and I had to wait for the windows to defrost so I could see out of them and not crash.

While waiting for greater visibility, I heard a beeping noise (one of the Mini's notifications) and then the symbol I took a picture of to the left.

Low air in the tire.  I don't like driving with notifications on.  Even when the gas light comes on, I always want to get to a station as soon as possible.  I guess that comes from having an old janky car for so long, as well as from hearing stories of people who thought they had 80 miles left of gas only to run out 20 miles from a gas station, or seeing people on the side of the street in the rain trying to change a tire.

Almost as soon as I saw this symbol, the local weather was being talked about on the morning radio show.


I thought I heard wrong, and the temperature gauge on the car was covered because the low tire image was on.

But then I realized that it is probably correct because even after 5 minutes, there was still frost on the windows and my fingers were still numb.

How was I going to add air to the tires in this cold and dark weather?

I wasn't.

I drove super carefully to school and then did it after school when the temperature got up to the upper 20s/low 30s.  I cursed before getting out of the car and then had my hands become hard to move from the cold.

But, now my tires are at the correct pressure and I can, again, see just how cold it is when I look at the dash board.


  1. I freak out of I see any dashboard warning lights. I know I can drive another half hour when I see the "need gas" notification, but I'm usually pulling into the first gas station I see to take care of it.

  2. @ Kathy - Better safe, than sorry, right?


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