30 January 2012

Insane weather, sane spring sports?

It is so beautiful outside - 66 in January in StL.  Who could ask for better weather?

The weather is making me think of spring sports season.

I'm already starting to feel stressed about starting the track season and I still have 27 days until it starts.

We have no track at this time due to construction of a new one, and it will not be finished until about three or four weeks into the season.

I don't have a schedule complete.  Unlike all of the other sports at the school that I know of, the AD does not make the schedule with other ADs.  I have to make calls and email coaches and ADs to find out about meets and then coordinate them.  Since we have no track, all meets are away and we can't do the basic stuff at the start of the season that I would normally do.

I am normally all about the track season and would have already been doing preseason conditioning with the kiddos.  I have the backbones of a schedule and have not done preseason stuff.

And I am not really bothered by that.

I have enjoyed my time without it.  Just like I enjoyed not doing summer track this past summer.  Thirteen years of coaching school and summer each year is starting to wear on me.  The summer was a good break.

I know that to some people, I am known for coaching.

This is somewhat saddening.  I don't love it as much as some people seem to think that I do.

I know I am fairly good at it, but it is not something I am obsessed with like some people I have worked with in the summer time and that I have seen at other schools.

I called the first meeting with my assistant coaches for tomorrow and have a meeting with interested kids on Thursday and then the ball will officially be rolling.

I am not really nervous, I almost don't care - as evidenced by my lack of effort to start conditioning up to this point.

At the same time, I don't want to suck at anything that I do.

Hopefully, the great weather is a sign that the weather during the season will be tolerable.

I hope I can make it through the season with my sanity.


  1. When I drove by a high school today there were a bunch of kids playing lacrosse. Unless they've changed it, I know that's a spring sport, so it was too early to be practicing. I decided it must have been a PE class taking advantage of the nice weather.

  2. There are rules against practicing before the season... but there are many ways to go around those and have practices for your sport. It probably was a spring sport practice you saw.


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