14 April 2012

M is for Misosophy

My life is the opposite of this day's word.

I absolutely love wisdom and knowledge.  

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I love learning about anything.  As a child, while eating my bowls of cereal, I used to talk with my father using medical terminology that I had learned reading his medical magazines.  I even advised him on some stock options after learning about the market for a school project.  One trivia night I attended was a fundraiser for lawyers.  I helped my mother's team by answering several law related questions when even the lawyers at the table did not know the answers.  The other day, I was describing the correct technique for shooting a rifle and the person I was sharing this with did not believe that I knew what I was talking about.  Though a social studies teacher, I have been known to help students understand various concepts in all of their other classes.  During my early years of substitute teaching, I was actually the preferred sub for a math teacher since the kids said I helped them understand the concepts better than their regular teacher. 

I have become quite knowledgable about Formula One racing, football, rugby, various cultures of the world, and much more.  I have seen so many marathons of How It's Made (and all the spin-offs) that I can tell you how and why different inventions work the way they work.

Sometimes I catch myself watching public access channels that show lectures from colleges and universities or listening to the book talks on the CSPAN channels.

I share this not to brag, but because I am trying to find a way to put all of this knowledge to good (profitable) use...

There is still a lot to learn and I hope that I don't ever suffer from misosophy.

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