23 April 2012

T is for Tardiloquent

Imagine if I spoke one of the faster languages...
Ever since I can remember, people have told me that I sometimes speak really fast.  I don't always notice it, but ever since I have had more and more English Language Learners (students who have a home/first language other than English) in my class, I have tried to be more tardiloquent in the class and in my general life.

It takes a conscious effort for me to speak more slowly.

When I read, I read fast, when I read aloud, I still read and speak quickly.

I am always impressed by people I feel speak quickly (mostly rappers and auctioneers).  They are the ones that should focus on being more tardiloquent.


  1. haha, I couldn't speak fast if you paid me! I'm not necessarily slow, but kind of normal, I guess. I hear auctioneers and listen in awe!!

    1. Aren't those auctioneers really amazing?! I don't know how people even understand what is going on during those. Maybe they have translators sitting next to them.


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